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Receive agency [company name]

The products and services we have prepared for our customers are used in the areas we cover. To provide more quality and quantity products and services in a wider geographical area, we need the cooperation of those interested in our subject matter in different cities.

In order to establish long-term and sustainable cooperation with the cooperating parties, we have made extensive plans so that our representatives can gain high benefits from interacting with us, our representatives are a member of our business family and always ourselves. We are obliged to support and support them, if you are interested in being our representative in the city of your residence, contact us, we hope we can reach an agreement and start a useful and long-term cooperation.

Representation conditions:

1- Citizenship of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran

2- Having employment conditions according to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran

3- No criminal record and also no criminal record

4- Providing the financial guarantees desired by the company

5- Having a suitable place of activity

6- Providing the necessary permits related to the property, such as a document, lease, etc.

7- Having a good reputation in the city where the activity is

8- Accepting the general conditions of cooperation

If you want to cooperate, please fill out the following agency application form to get details about how to cooperate or contact us.